Toxic sludge from MWRA spreading PFAS throughout New England

The Massachusetts Water Resources Authority has been selling its sludge for the past 30 years, piping biosolids to a Quincy wastewater treatment plant that dries out the slurry and packages it into bags of Bay State Fertilizer.  MWRA sells and donates this fertilizer to farms, golf courses, and other properties throughout New England. On December 1, 2019, The Boston Globe reported that MWRA tests, conducted last March, found PFAS chemicals at levels of 18,000 per trillion. PFAS chemicals are a…

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Toxic Hall of Shame

If you are sipping coffee at Starbucks, nibbling on McNuggets, or picking up a sweaters at Marshall’s, you are shopping at one of the retailers that earned an “F” in Mind the Store’s recently released 2019 Retailer Report Card. Fourteen brands earned this grade for their failure to make even the most basic commitments to removing toxic chemicals from their products and packaging.  This is the 4th year the Mind the Store has released its report card, which evaluates store…

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Minnesota firefighters don’t want toxic flame retardants

Minnesota firefighters don’t like toxic flame retardants any more than Massachusetts firefighters.   That’s why Minnesota firefighters are working with a Republican Senator Jeff Howe, a former fire-figther, to get toxic flame retardants out of children’s products. The arguments in Minnesota may sound familiar.  Firefighters say that flame retardants don’t slow the spread of fire.  They become more toxic when burned.  Read more here.  

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