Across the county, states and municipalities are suing major manufacturers of PFAS and PFAS-containing firefighting foam.  On June 3, 2023, Bloomberg Law reported that 3M company had reached a tentative settlement of $10 billion to settle legal claims from a multi-district case.  Separately, Dupont de Nemours Inc., Chemours Company and Corteva Inc announced a proposed $1.19 billion settlement.

While the proposed settlements would be the largest ever in a case against PFAS manufacturers, the funds may not be enough to pay for the clean up of drinking water nation-wide. Over 6,400 PFAS-related lawsuits have been filed since 2005.On July 26, 2023, AP News reported that 22 Attorney Generals, including the Massachusetts Attorney General, had submitted a letter to the federal court judge, asking him to reject the settlement agreement.  For more information, see: