Propublica: “Why the U.S. is losing the fight to ban toxic chemicals”

This story was originally published by ProPublica by Nell Bedi, Sharon Lerner, and Kathleen McGrory When ProPublica published stories this fall cataloging new evidence that American chemical workers are being exposed to asbestos, readers reacted with surprise over the most simple fact: Asbestos, the killer mineral whose dangers have been known for over a century, is still legal? Asbestos is only one of many toxic substances that are linked to problems like cancers, genetic mutations and fetal harm and that…

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The Infuriating Case of Toxic Chemicals in Breast Milk

Sonya Lunder, Ms Magazine, Last week, pandemic-weary parents were hit with more heavy news: A scientific study reported toxic per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) chemicals in milk from 50 Seattle area mothers. While none of the study participants lived in a known hotspot, each of the milk samples contained PFAS—which are known to impact the thyroid, immune system, reproductive system and are linked to several types of cancer.

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Senators Comerford and Moore ask AG Healey to take action on PFAS

The cost of cleaning up PFAS contamination is enormous.  Massachusetts Senator Jo Comerford (D-Northampton) and Senator Michael Moore (D-Uxbridge) have sent a letter to Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey, asking her to do what other state attorney generals have done: Take legal action to require the corporations that made billions polluting our state to take responsibility for PFAS contamination. Letter sent to the Attorney General urging action towards companies that have produced PFAS

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