The New York Times Magazine’s long form analysis of PFAS, with descriptions of how Philippe Grandjean and colleagues conducted  2012 research that showed, at levels currently in human blood, PFAS suppressed mmune systems and could make vaccines ineffective.  A few powerful quotes from this must-read article:

The problem of PFAS pollution goes beyond drinking water: The Faroe Islands demonstrate as much. PFAS is entering the environment — plants, animals and people — through many routes. 

“I’ve heard some people say, ‘Well, if everybody is exposed to PFAS, how come we aren’t all dead?’” Jamie DeWitt, a professor of pharmacology and toxicology at the Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University, told me. In fact, she says, “People actually are dying.” DeWitt cited a report in The Lancet that calculated that about nine million people each year die from chronic diseases caused by environmental pollutants of all kinds. “We need prevention,” DeWitt says. “And that means acknowledging that environmental exposures lead to diseases.”

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