The Hill: No safe level of 1000s of common chemicals

Saul Elbein, Feb 7, 2024 The Hill reports, “Plastics, pesticides and forever chemicals are exposing billions of people around the world to pernicious and dangerous health effects, a new report has found. In the report published Monday, scientists from the Endocrine Society and the International Pollutants Elimination Network criticized the way regulators determine the toxicity level of chemicals — and suggested that for a staggering array of common compounds, no dose may be safe. This is a problem scientists connect to…

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New York Times: Many personal care products contain harmful chemicals

On February 16, 2023, the New York Times reported on the increasing body of evidence linking chemicals in personal care products to serious health concerns.  The NYT provides a great breakdown of steps consumers can to take to avoid problematic chemicals in personal care products: “Understand which chemicals are worrisome… Consider how you’re using your products… Consult a database… Look for third-party certifications… Ask for more transparency and stronger policies.” Read the full story here.

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